STEM in the Classroom


"I have never seen the girls this engaged or focused on any activity before. The last time they were this excited was when we took a trip to the mall."

— Carol Cole, Girl Scout Troop Leader

Through a collaboration with Mindsensors, TALON 540 has developed an interactive workshop for K-8 students, which introduces youth to the awesomeness of robotics and STEM. Our BombiniBot workshops provide students the opportunities to:

  • Build their own robot

  • Learn the basics of robot components and their function

  • Explore the fundamental principles of programming 

  • Code programs using Scratch software to solve challenges

  • Battle with other robots for the fantastic title of robo-sumo wrestling champion

Not only do we offer workshops to students from all over, but TALON 540 also aspires to help introduce and integrate this program into the classroom. Because of so, we have developed curriculum guides, manuals, and various other documents to help you jump start the BombiniBot program into your community as well!



So get started today!

Download and/or request the necessary software with the links below: